Knitting Thursday: Hats

This week I’ve nearly finished the vest from last week (actually, it would be finished now, but I need to redo the neckband), and I’ve been working on hats.  I even went out and got some new yarn instead of just using my stash yarn, so I headed out to John Lewis and got some Rowan Cotton Glace in a lovely green (ivy) to make a vine lace hat for baby June (a friend’s baby). 

I finished that one this morning, and decided to start on a fun toddler hat.  I’m just using some stash yarn for that one, and I’m not even sure what yarn it is.  I know that it’s a wool blend, though, because I can feel and smell the lanolin, and it’s making me itch.  Oh well, won’t take long to knit a hat, especially since it’s worsted weight.  My daughter is snuggly today, so there’s the added challenge of doing this while she sleeps on me.  I’ve gotten pretty good at that, actually.


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