Babywearing has been a Godsend.  When I was pregnant with K, a dear childhood friend made me an Ellaroo-type wrap, which I’ve since lent to a sister-in-law.  Another sister-in-law sent me the Baby Bjorn and a ring sling.  Unfortunately I don’t have photos of me using these.  The Ellaroo-type wrap was used immediately.  I remember walking through north Wales and Manchester with K strapped on in it.  I loved having him so close.  I wasn’t quite comfortable with a sling, so I didn’t use that much, nor did I use the Ellaroo as a sling.  The Bjorn got used some, but I never found it all that comfortable.  I did have a pram, and it did get used quite a bit.  The problem I had with some of these is that they hurt my back.  I had residual sciatic pain after having K, and pushing a pram/buggy or wearing him hurt after a bit.  Then I encountered a friend who told me about her Kari-Me and let me try it out.  I was determined to get one after that.  I loved it!  My back didn’t hurt in it, and K was comfortable.  I never got the hang of breastfeeding him in it, perhaps because I hadn’t started using it earlier with him, but I successfully breastfed C in it from the very beginning.  I started wearing her the day after she was born, as I went about the house.  I found the Kari-Me to be comfortable with K until around 19 months.  I was never good at wearing him on my back with it, though.  With C, I rarely use it now because she’s figured out how to push up and lean back to wriggle herself loose.

When I was pregnant with C, I was talking to a friend on Phatmass about babywearing, and she offered to make me a mei tai.  I was rather excited about that, since it was becoming difficult to wear K in the Kari-Me.  I mainly wore him on my back with the mei tai, though I did stop wearing him when I got to the 3rd trimester.  He loved being worn, though.  Once C was born, I started wearing her in that, too.  The photo isn’t the best, as I was taking it myself, but it’s what I have at the moment.  It’s so easy to breastfeed in the mei tai, which is another plus.  She sometimes goes on my back, especially if I need to cook and she wants to be held.

Because C loves being held, I’ve also rigged a quick sling.  I didn’t always want to take the time to get her fully strapped on, and there were times when it wasn’t a good idea to have her all on my front, and at the time I wasn’t yet wearing her on my back.  I picked up a heavy scarf I have and knotted it so it was adjusted correctly and securely, and popped her in it.  Easy to get her in and out quickly, easy to breastfeed in, and she seemed fairly comfortable.  I don’t find that as comfortable as the Kari-Me or mei tai, but for short bursts it works.


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