Knitting Thursday

I once again missed posting last week.  I was nearly finished with Charlotte’s dress, but didn’t feel like I had much to post at the time.  I finished her dress on Saturday morning, the day before her birthday.  I also made her a headband to go with it.  It’s crochet, which requires a bit more concentration from me, but it went quickly nonetheless.  It just meant I couldn’t read whilst making it. 😉

And now I’m working on another dress for her.  I’d planned to start working on something for me, but I’ll need to do a bit of math with that first, since I’m using DK instead of sock yarn.  I was doing a swatch with the lace pattern with the yarn I’m using, and I don’t like the way it looks with that yarn, so that will change, too.  And I want it to be a V-neck.  In the end, it won’t really be the same sweater, but that’s OK.  I rarely end up following a pattern completely anyway.


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