Crafty Thursday

I might have to permanently change the name of this series if I’m going to keep using the sewing machine.  I finished another skirt from another pair of jeans I didn’t wear any more.  I chose to use the zigzag stitch over the seams instead of folding the seams and sewing on the wrong side.  OK, actually I forgot to do that and then did the zigzag stitch to make it look like it was supposed to be that way.  Hey, it works.  I’ve not actually sewn anything in a while, so I’m remembering.  I’ve found myself wishing my mother were here a lot, though, while I’ve been doing this.  She also has an Elna machine, and while mine is a different model, it’s quite similar (mine’s the Elna Lotus SP).

I also finished the skirt that I showed last week.

I also finished the sleeve on Charlotte’s dress.  I just need to do the other sleeve, and then I’m going to lengthen the dress itself.  Unfortunately Charlotte wouldn’t stay still for the photo.  I think she was disturbed that I hadn’t cut the thread yet.

Of course I’ve also been working on my sweater.  I’m about through with the first repeat of the pattern.  I made sure I chose patterns that had the same number of rows so I could keep track a bit easier.  I did break down and put markers in so I could easily see where each pattern begins and ends.  I really get annoyed with split-ring markers, though.  Ignore the purple thread – that’s my lifeline.

Lastly, just this morning I fixed a shirt of mine.  It’s actually a maternity shirt that I got when pregnant with Kieran, but I still wear it on occasion since it’s comfortable.  However, I found that I often got annoyed with it because I found the front to be too low-cut, so I was always adjusting it and pulling up.  I had a white shirt that was stained and thus didn’t get worn, so I took part of it and sewed an insert into the front.  I’m certain it would look better if I’d done it by hand, but I don’t know where I put my needle.  It works for now, though.


3 thoughts on “Crafty Thursday

  1. I have had to do that to shirts before. it's much easier that way than it is to wear another layer under as there's the whole pulling two layers to make them lay right problem. I really like the dress, skirt, and sweater. I wish I knit better. I'm making more crochet things, just not practical things for me as I don't have a baby. πŸ™‚

  2. @Penguin – yes, it is easier than wearing 2 layers, which is what I was doing (or just fighting with it). I'm not good at shaping things with crocheting. I can do some basics, but not a lot. I've liked the things you've posted. :-)@Ranter – thanks! My mother's in the US and knits more than I do. πŸ˜‰

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