Fun at the Zoo

Something we’ve been enjoying here is the zoo.  We purchased zoo memberships so we wouldn’t have to rush through and so we can go back whenever we want. 

We’ve been quite pleased with it.  The children are very fond of brushing (and hugging) the pygmy goats.  In fact, the second time we went to the zoo, that was what they begged to do. 

The zoo itself is lovely, as far as I can tell.  They have benches and picnic tables in various locations, so it isn’t necessary to go far to find a place to sit and eat.  I was a little confused with this sign, though, because it was placed in the midst of some trees, with no seating in the vicinity.  That seemed slightly odd.  I had the mei tai, so I could easily feed Charlotte on the move, and I don’t really care about finding designated nursing spots anyway.  We’d just happened to see this sign off a path in the play park part, which I found odd.  But our overall experience with them has been great.  I know we’ll go back soon.


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