Crafty Thursday

That’s right – I’m back to knitting!  The kids and I have gone to my mother’s knitting group the past two weeks, though I find I’m not really able to knit there since I have to chase the kiddos around.  But that’s OK.  I have gotten to knit a fair amount, though, working on Kieran’s and my sweaters.

I finally finished Charlotte’s tunic, too.  While it had been listed as a tunic dress, I think it’s a bit short for a dress; it works great as a longer, tunic-style sweater, though.  It’s supposed to be a Christmas present for Charlotte, but it might end up being a bit tight by then.  I made the 2-3 year size, but she’s wearing 24 month/2T clothes already (at 19 months), so I don’t know.  I did find another sweater I want to make for her, and I have the yarn, so if I get a move on, I could do that.  We shall see!


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