Crafty Thursday

I’ve been working on Kieran’s sweater this week, and I’ve finished the body up to the armholes.  Since this is made in a seamless fashion, I put those stitches on waste yarn and started one of the sleeves.  I’m really liking the way it looks thus far.  I do get annoyed with double-point needles at times, though.  Oh well.

I also finally got some snaps so I could start converting our beloved bumGenius 2.0s to snaps.  These have been in use for nearly 4 years and are still going strong.  However, the velcro is really wearing out, and Charlotte can escape from them quite easily, and has been able to do so for some time now.  So I’m slowly taking those that are still good (the PUL has worn out on a couple) and converting them after finding a tutorial.  I’ve only finished one thus far, and while it doesn’t look that nice, being the first one I’ve done, it does work well.


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