We Are Mothers

We are mothers. When we became pregnant, we were transformed forever, and not just in our bodies. We worry about things we never even considered before. We second guess our every decision, even when following our instincts. There are things we do, decisions we make, that we regret forever, but we cannot beat ourselves up for ignorant decisions we made with the best of intentions.

We are mothers. We have super powers. Our kisses can heal scraped knees and hurt feelings. We can fight dragons and hunt 10,000 Volt Ghosts. Mother’s milk fixes everything. We can feed one child and read to or play with another simultaneously. we can wrestle and snuggle, build train tracks and play with My Little Pony.

We are mothers, and we will never be the same as we were before motherhood. Every day is an adventure and a blessing to be treasured. Every moment is magical. Yes, we will doubt ourselves, we will make mistakes, we will have off days, but we will also bask in the moment of a snuggle, nearly cry when we hear our children say “I love you”, and gaze at them in amazement. We are mothers, and we are blessed.


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