Book Nook

I don’t have a children’s book for today’s post, but am instead posting about a book I’m reading. Some months ago Fr. Robert Barron released a DVD series of his Catholicism Project. Some of the parts were aired on TV, though not all 6 parts. I managed to record 3 of them, and haven’t been able to get the other parts. As always, the videos are very well done: beautiful and informative.

On our last library trip, I was poking around in the religion section. I was actually looking for some C. S. Lewis, but then my eye stopped on Fr. Barron’s name. As it turns out, there’s also a book that is basically derived from the video transcripts! I was excited and so of course picked it up. I’ve not been disappointed, and I highly recommend the book. You needn’t be a theologian to read it, thankfully , since I’m not one. I think Catholics and non-Catholics alike could get a lot from the book: Catholics to be reminded of the beauty of our faith and non-Catholics to learn more about how and what we believe.


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