Navigating the Rapids

When you’re pregnant (and/or breastfeeding), the list of dietary restrictions can seem daunting, not to mention confusing since they vary in different places and at different times (the guidelines on alcohol consumption changed twice during my pregnancy with Kieran, for example). As this article points out, nothing is risk-free, and women need to be given accurate information to make their own decisions. I highly recommend reading the whole article, as it is really good.


2 thoughts on “Navigating the Rapids

  1. Supposedly there is a pamphlet from the FDA advising against specific foods during pregnancy that most OBs distribute. Mine never gave it to me and even dispelled some of the food myths for me.The peanuts is entirely rumors spread through the internet – my OB was surprised when I asked about it 'cause there has been NO research supporting a peanut allergy from eating peanuts during pregnancy and he'd never heard of it before.And as for the drinking, there was actually a small study done that shows 4 oz of wine a night is beneficial throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately you tell most Americans that a "4 oz glass" is OK and they hear "a glass" and then they have "a bottle" and then it's all the physicians fault if anything goes wrong at all. So it's easier to just say "no alcohol". I imbibed very sporadically during pregnancy and you can tell Malcolm is just a poor and sickly child for it. (I did really enjoy freaking out the 20-somthings at the winery when I did a wine-tasting at 7 months pregnant. 'Cause those 6 or 7 sips were SOOO much alcohol).

  2. It's interesting with the differences between the US and UK. No one batted an eye about me drinking some when pregnant with Kieran. I was offered a glass of wine if I was out with the archaeologists. So I did have the occasional small glass. I didn't drink with Charlotte as I was just too nauseated, to the point of being on meds for it, which don't mix with alcohol.

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