Crafty Thursday

I haven’t done much, if any, knitting this week, but I did finally get around to doing some sewing!  A friend sent me a link to a tutorial about how to make a maternity dress by cutting off the bottom of a t-shirt and then getting some knit material for the skirt part.  It sounded easy enough, even given my lack of sewing finesse, and so I eagerly went out and bought some material and found a V-neck shirt (to allow for nursing while wearing it – this is why I don’t often wear dresses, as it’s hard to nurse in many of them).  And then the shirt and material sat there for a few weeks.  This past week I finally decided to get it out and make the dress.  Cutting out the material was slow-going, as I could only do it if Charlotte was asleep.  Otherwise, she’d put toys on the fabric and move it around.  So I found a time when she was sleeping and laid it out and measured.  I cut it on the tile floor, as the grout lines ensured I cut straight.  One of the cats decided to “help” by trying to attack the scissors, but thankfully no harm was done.  Once I got the pieces cut out, the sewing went pretty quick, and this is the result.  There are some things I’d do a bit better on another one (and I do plan on making another one once I get more material), but overall I like it.  It’ll drape well once I have more of a bump, too.

I absolutely hate being wasteful, and I had the bottom of the t-shirt and some (ok, quite a bit) of the green material left over.  I’d just gotten two yards since that was easy to figure, and it gave me some leeway.  So anyway, I had this material left over and thought it would be perfect for a tiered skirt for Charlotte.  She was excited about that prospect, too.  Now, I’ve never made a tiered skirt, but I figured it couldn’t be too difficult and that there were surely tutorials online.  I was right on both counts.  I did diverge from the tutorial a little in that I made tubes instead of two strips each, but it worked.   My daughter loves her new skirt, too.


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