Crafty Thursday

I’ve still not done much knitting, especially since I managed to slice my fingertip when slicing bread the other day (talent, I know).  But I did start working on making a sleeping bag for the baby.  I’m just using an acrylic yarn, and I like the red.  I might duplicate stitch a design on after I’m finished, but I’m not sure yet.  As you can tell, I don’t do pastels.

If you’d told me years ago that I’d contemplate using cloth pads, let alone making my own, I’d have said you were insane.  Yet here I am, making some for after the baby is born.  I started off with a circle pad, as that seemed easy enough for me to handle.  Ignore the unmatched fabrics.  I just got whatever I could find that was on sale, and since Joann’s was having a nice sale, it worked out.  I do think I’ll tweak it a little for the next one by leaving a seam allowance and then not cutting the PUL down, thus making it slightly larger.  Overall I think I like it, though I don’t think it’ll do well for immediately postnatal.

I therefore found another another template that I tweaked.  I really like the idea of the removable pad like with the circle pad (or with LunaPads, for that matter), especially since I prefer to hang things to dry whenever possible and therefore like things to dry quickly.  So I added the fleece bands as with the circle pad.  I also made this one a bit longer than the template, as I plan on this one being for immediately postnatal.  I’ll make a thicker pad for it, too.  So far I’m pleased with how they’re turning out.  I hope I still like them as well once I’m using them.


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