Corpus Christi

(photo source) Happy Feast of Corpus Christi! This is the day we celebrate the fact that the Eucharist truly is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus. Why do we believe this? Quite simply, because Jesus tells us this (see John 6), and the early Christians also believed this to be true.

I cannot help but be amazed at how Jesus loves us and deigns to lower Himself just to be with us every time I contemplate the Eucharist. When I was researching Catholicism to see what they truly believed, it was when I came to see that their beliefs on Eucharist had to true that I knew I had to convert. I’ve never looked back, and I cannot even begin to describe the joy and intimacy of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Truly, it is amazing. And so I pray all are having a blessed day this day, and I once again thank Jesus for the gift of Himself to us.


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