Do Not Disturb!

When I was pregnant with Kieran and Charlotte, they hated ultrasounds and the Doppler.  They would invariably move away from it, which led me to research more to see if those were necessary, since it seemed my children didn’t like them.  With this pregnancy, therefore, I decided not to have an ultrasound unless necessary (ACOG actually recommend only having one if medically necessary, in fact, something I didn’t know before; I personally decline the anomaly scans/tests) and to have the midwife use a fetoscope.  At the first couple of appointments it was too early for the fetoscope, so I did allow the Doppler, and, sure enough, the baby moved away from it.

Monkey #3, 18w4d

Well today, at 18.5 weeks pregnant, I had another midwife appointment and I was quite excited that the midwife would be able to use the fetoscope today.  After the appointment today, though, I think perhaps I should just put a “do not disturb” sign on my bump, as clearly my children do not like being disturbed in utero.  As the midwife tried to find the heartbeat, I informed her where the baby normally is so she wouldn’t have to search too much.  She then put the fetoscope where I’d indicated and pressed down to find the heartbeat, when the baby kicked the fetoscope – hard.  This quite surprised the midwife and the midwifery student, and amused me, even though it did actually hurt – this child can kick!  The midwife was finally able to hear the heartbeat a bit, though of course after having seen the child move around, we weren’t exactly that concerned.  I guess my children just don’t like to be disturbed.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb!

  1. Unborn babies are doubtless the most pro-life folks of all! :-)God bless you as you prepare to bring this additional bundle of joy into the world!Evan

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