Crafty Thursday

It’s hot here, and I don’t feel like knitting that much.  So I haven’t worked on any large knitting projects, just this flower headband.  I need to make more, I think.  I’m definitely making at least one more, since I have a turquoise headband and some pink yarn for another flower.  I still need to finish tacking this one onto the headband, though.

I finished Charlotte’s fairy skirt.  We went back to Joann’s and found some chiffon with shiny circles on it (not quite like sequins, but similar).  I got half a yard and ran a gathering thread through the longest end until it was the same size as the top of the skirt.  I then sewed that on just below where the elastic would go, and then added the elastic.  I cut the bottom of the chiffon at a bit of an angle and tried finishing the edge with just a zigzag stitch, but that isn’t keeping it from fraying, so I need to do a different hem.


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