Body Image

I’ve been aware of the distorted image of the human body (men and women, though it seems more prevalent for women) in the media for ages.  Mostly I’ve tuned it out or wrinkled my nose at it and walked on.  Now that my children are more aware of images, though, I’m paying more attention to what these images show and wondering how to address these things with them.  I welcome any suggestions.

 Really, though, is it any wonder that so many people of all ages have issues with body image?! Not only are there the airbrushed photos in the check-out lines of groceries and such, but open up the paper and you have loads of ads for how to reduce belly fat, remove unwanted hair, grow wanted hair, improve your bust, etc.  Never are we told that we are beautiful the way we are or that we needn’t conform to a certain image to be beautiful or sexy.  I admit that I am not always comfortable with my own body, but I’m working on it.  Sites like this help.  Hopefully my children will see me be comfortable with my body so they will know they can be comfortable in theirs.

4 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. Yep. And at first I just worried because of Charlotte, but Kieran is seeing these images, too. Boys can have issues with body image as well, and of course all the images of women influence how we all see women, so both of my children are affected.

  2. I think the best way to go about it is to model a healthy mindset towards your own body and towards food. Growing up, my own mom would nitpick at her "imperfect" body, gorge on sweets then restrict with diets, and encourage me to remain "thin". Advertisements and television really only reinforced what was already being modeled by the most important woman in my life: my mom!Now, I find myself pregnant and still hung up on a lot of the eating disordered thoughts I developed as a kid. That it's "bad" to gain weight or be imperfect in any way. So glad you posted this! I really needed the reminder.

  3. Good thoughts, thank you. I prefer not to have a scale, and I know my kids have heard me comment that BMI isn't a good indicator of health. I hope ican become more comfortable in my own skin so they will be comfortable in theirs.

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