Crafty Thursday

Well, I have 8, I think, diapers completely made, with another ready to sew up, and more cut out, but without snaps, not to mention the scraps to make more patchwork ones.  I need to get more snaps, though.

In the meantime, I’m working on other projects, like Kieran’s sweater (can I mention how much I love Ravelry?).  He helped choose the colours for the ribbed stripes.  I decided to do this on the old Brother knitting machine, even though it can only knit stockinette and not rib.  This means that every so often I had to take out half the stitches and work them back up by hand with a crochet hook to make it ribbed.  It was also tricky to decrease stitches evenly across a row with the machine, since this means moving all the stitches.  But it still went a lot faster than doing it completely by hand.  Now I’m putting the figures on with duplicate stitch, and then I’ll do the sleeves.  I’m going to make it short-sleeved since it’s rather warm here.


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