Miserable? Hardly!

I’m nearly 36 weeks into my third pregnancy, and the comments I get are interesting at times.  I seems people expect me to be miserable and ready for the baby to be born, but I’m not.  Don’t get me wrong – I understand feeling that way, as I was miserable with Charlotte (even subclinical hyperemesis gravidarum is miserable), though I still didn’t want her to be born early.

But surely I’m not the only pregnant woman who isn’t miserable or ready to have the baby a full month before the due date?!  I enjoy the baby kicks, though I sometimes ask baby to move a little.  Sure, I could do without the indigestion, heartburn, and inability to sleep, but I feel pretty good overall.  I know the baby needs more time, and, honestly, I need more time to get organized!  I’m excited to get to meet the baby I feel I already know in many ways, but I’m content to wait a bit longer.   So please, random people I meet, don’t assume I’m miserable, need pity, or wish to give birth early.  I promise I’m fine with waiting.


4 thoughts on “Miserable? Hardly!

  1. πŸ™‚ I love this update! I hope those people who make those comments can just learn to keep it to themselves.Jacob was born at 35w 6d and I wasn't ready for him to come yet. I wasn't uncomfortable, and while the heartburn, frequent urination and sleepless nights were getting on my nerves, I was just not ready for him to come and neither was he (hence the NICU stay), so yep .. keep on bakin' baby!! Can't wait to see who is in there!

  2. I so relate to this–I've never had that experience. I wonder how things will be different for me this time when there are two in there at (God willing) 36 weeks and further!

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