When Baby Has Food Sensitivities

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting lately. Besides enjoying my babymoon and adjusting to having three littles, we’ve been trying to sort out Leo’s issues.  He’s doing well after having his tongue tie sorted, but he still had trouble with silent reflux, eczema, and watery poo. After spending almost n entire night up walking with him, we knew we had to do something.

As a baby, Charlotte had had some food sensitivities, as well. The biggest for her was bovine protein. It had taken me a long time to figure out the problem, but I finally cut out dairy and beef nd noticed n improvement.

Thanks to that experience, I spotted the signs of sensitivity in Leo much earlier (helps that his symptoms were also more pronounced).  My wonderful husband went out to pick up goat and rice milks for me, and I set out to craft a dairy-free, beef-free, tomato-free (I have a tomato intolerance) menu.  I discovered I dislike goat milk on Weetabix, but it’s fine for cooking. I think Leo has a slight sensitivity to the goat milk, too, but not as bad as with cow milk.  In fact, we noticed a marked improvement from the beginning, even though all the dairy wasn’t out of my system. I also discovered that airy-free isn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be, though I would like a good vanilla ice cream.

At that time, I replaced my cheesy sandwiches with egg salad sandwiches, figuring that was healthier anyway. And I just love eggs.  Unfortunately, it seemed that also made Leo quite unhappy, so I cut out eggs. I still bake with eggs, but I avoid plain eggs and mayo.

He’s been much better since making these changes.  The eczema is clearing up, his diapers are normal, and the reflux is better, though not completely gone. I sometimes wish I could have eggs or cheese, but it’s worth the sacrifice for him to feel better.

I’ve certainly learned to read labels better, since dairy is sometimes “hidden” in things. I knew from my experience with Charlotte that even some vaccines, namely the DTaP, contain bovine proteins, and I know some are also contraindicated for those with egg allergies.  I suppose I should’ve always been good about reading labels for everything, but now I really have a reason to improve.  I do hope he outgrows his sensitivities as Charlotte (mostly) has, but if not, so be it, and at least I’ve found them early.


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