Home Remedies

Whenever possible, I prefer to use home remedies, though of course we use medicine whenever needed. Last week my daughter developed a cough. After a restless night, I decided to try a home remedy I’d heard. I took an onion and chopped 1-2 tablespoons. I put that in a small container and added enough local honey to cover the onions. I then let it steep for a few hours (I keep it in the fridge) before giving Charlotte a small spoonful of the honey.

It worked! She didn’t cough for hours – I found it was needed twice daily. Better yet, she didn’t object to taking it. My mother also had a cough and decided to try it and was pleased with the result, too. I’ll have to remember this the next time I have a cough, as I hate cough syrup and refuse to take it unless there’s a dire need.

What are your favourite tried and true home remedies?


3 thoughts on “Home Remedies

  1. You can do honey ginger and lemons (slice the ginger and lemons very thin). You put the slices of ginger and lemon in a airtight dish, cover in honey, and refrigerate. After a few weeks the honey turns the lemon slices into marmalade. You scoop out a teaspoon or so into a cup, pour hot water on top, and drink like tea. It's sweet, lemony, slightly spicy, and works wonders on a cold or sore throat.

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