Those Pesky Nightshades

I’ve a love/hate relationship with Nightshades – I love to eat them, but then I regret it.  I first became aware of my nightshade intolerance when pregnant with Kieran, and suddenly I couldn’t eat tomatoes. After the second trimester, though, I could eat them again without a problem.  Then I fell pregnant with Charlotte, and my reaction was worse.  Once she was born, I could eat them again.  The reaction again intensified once pregnant with Leo, and so I decided to just avoid tomatoes altogether.  Image

Enter my love of peppers.  Actually, I’ve always loved peppers, but with tomatoes out of the picture my consumption of peppers has increased.  I discovered that roasted red peppers could be used instead of tomatoes, with delicious results, meaning korma and pasta bakes were back on the menu. Everything was great.

or so I thought. I don’t react as violently as I do to tomatoes, but I have noticed I sometimes feel a little icky after eating Nightshades.   Usually I feel fine, though.  The one who doesn’t feel fine is Leo.  I had noticed he was getting more upset after meals, and it finally occurred to me that he might have an intolerance to nightshade plants.  As it turns out, there’s a possible connection between nightshades and gallbladder problems.  So, once I use what I already have on hand, I will try cutting out Nightshades completely to see if it helps.  If anyone has good nightshade-free recipes, I’d love to hear about them.


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