You’ll Be Amazed

Now that Kieran will be turning 6, I have to start officially homeschooling him. Now, I essentially follow the “unschooling” route, though this doesn’t mean I don’t utilize educational materials. I like to treat everything as an opportunity to learn, though.

Even though I know this, lately I’ve been a little worried that maybe we weren’t doing enough “school”-type things. I decided to start documenting it, and downloaded the Homeschool Helper app to organize my documentation. At the end of the day, I jot down all the things we did.

Let me tell you, I was amazed when I started documenting everything. That app first lets me input the subjects we cover, and that alone amazed me for I saw that we regularly cover writing, reading, maths, science, music, religion, history, art, French, physical education, and creative play (I include this as a subject because it is one way they process the things they’ve learned, and that is an important part of life for a child, too). While I knew we covered these things, seeing it documented really put things in perspective. It’s just amazing what we cover without doing much that is “formal”!


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