7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

After reading many blogs that participate in 7QT, including, of course, Conversion Diary, so I finally decided to join the fun. So, first a little bit about myself. I’m a convert (raised Southern Baptist), a former archaeologist (fun stuff), and now a rather crunchy homeschooling mum of three little monkeys.

— 2 —

Speaking of, my eldest has declared I’m no longer allowed to call him a monkey. How sad. Also, what’s the point of making him a monkey blanket if he doesn’t want to be called a monkey?

— 3 —

I found this great Saint of the Day for kids app. They even have coloring pages! It’s a quick and fun way to learn about some Saints, and history.

— 4 —

Due to my youngest child’s food issues, I’ve avoided dairy for the last nine months. I recently decided to try a little cheese to see if it bothered him still, and found that I really don’t care about (most) cheese now. Weird.

— 5 —

Those who think mothers who breastfeed past a certain age have never nursed a teething acrobatic nursling. Ouch.

— 6 —

A year or so ago I decided to jump on the de Montfort Total Consecration wagon, only to end up not doing it. For whatever reason, it didn’t resonate with me, and I didn’t want to do it if I wasn’t sure about it. Recently I rediscovered Kolbe’s Militia Immaculata, though, and am seriously contemplating going that route.

— 7 —

I’m looking forward to when the weather will be a bit cooler. I am not cut out for hot, humid days.

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