Le Singe est sur la Branche

I’ve finally decided that I must learn more French if I want our children to learn it, so I’ve gotten all sorts of things for them and myself, some better than others.

One of the programmes reminds me of the Eddie Izzard sketch on learning French (I’m not posting the video because of the language). He commented that he learned various useless phrases such as “le singe est sur la branche”. Perhaps such a phrase is somewhat useful in French Guyana or Senegal.

In the app I’ve been using, the phrases are more like “il mange le dauphin”, which is equally useless in most cases, if humourous. I suppose I can’t complain too much, though, since we are learning more even with the inane phrases.


3 thoughts on “Le Singe est sur la Branche

  1. I have these books out of the “demystified” series, one on french, one on german, with a cd that is great!…if u want mire scholastic connection…there are also tons of free apps, like babbel (similar to rosetta stone but cost way less)

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