Sunday Snippets – a Catholic Carnival

Happy 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time! I can’t believe it’s already so far into the year! The question of the week this week is just to introduce myself, so here goes. I’m a convert, having been raised Southern Baptist; I entered the Church nearly 9 years ago now. I’m a former archaeologist. I stopped field work after my second knee surgery, but went on to get both a BA and MA. I’m pretty AP and crunchy, which I never imagined I’d be. I’m a homeschooling mother to three silly monkeys. I occasionally teach NFP (the Billings Ovulation Method, to be specific).

I’ve been keeping busy, but have managed to post a few times:

Book Nook: Shakespeare
What Have I Forgotten?
What Do You Even Eat?!
On Breastfeeding and Gender Equality
Crafty Thursday
Le Singe est sur la Branche

Be sure to check out the full carnival at RAnn’s!

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