True, Kind, Helpful

Father’s homily today couldn’t have been more apt. He spoke of the importance of assessing whether something was true, kind, and helpful before speaking (or writing) it.

This is something I can struggle with. Oh, not in front of people usually, but definitely when ranting about something at home or on my blog. This morning, in fact, I’d decided to look at Zite over breakfast, even though I know I’m almost certain to be angered by one or more posts on there. Sure enough, I found such a post and started ranting about and contemplating how to respond here.

Then I got to Mass and heard the wonderful homily. I started thinking about what I had said and wanted to write. Was it true? I think so. Was it kind? No. Was it helpful? Probably not. So I shouldn’t have said it and won’t write about it.

Sometimes, though, I can get so can’t up in saying something I think needs saying (and maybe it does) that I do it without a thought to doing so charitably or asking if it is even helpful. If I cannot speak about such a thing and have it be true, kind, and helpful, then maybe I should refrain from speaking and just pray instead. Of course, it might also help to just avoid things that I know will enrage me.


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