Crafty Thursday

20130822-070019.jpg I finished the outfit! I love the way it turned out. There was nearly a tragedy when making one of the buttonholes, as I managed to rip too far, but I patched it and it’s not really obvious. I’ve also decided that Ellie Mae patterns are my favourites, as they are easy even for me to follow and the illustrations are great. I think they also had me in mind, as the instructions say things like, “you may be tempted to skip this step”. Yep, that’s me. Now I just need to watch for fabric sales so I can make more. Charlotte loves the outfit, and I’m struggling to keep it clean for her.



I’d promised Kieran that the next thing I sewed would be part of his costume. I had picked up a pattern that had a princess dress and a cape, so I used the cape pattern for Bilbo’s cape. I had some brown material that I’d never used, so I decided that would work even though it’s a knit fabric. It’s not really ideal, but it works and didn’t cost any additional money. The cape should’ve been super simple after the ruffle dress, but Butterick didn’t make it easy for me. Reading their directions, I sometimes felt like Amelia Bedelia. Dear Butterick: including an illustration doesn’t help if said illustration is wrong. So I had to take out the hood and redo it because I mistakenly followed the illustration the first time, even though it seemed wrong to me. O well, it’s done now. I picked up trousers and a shirt (to be made into a vest) at a local Catholic thrift store, so his costume is nearly finished now.

At the same thrift store I found a simple dark green table cloth. It happens to be a perfect colour for Merida’s cape, and just the right size for it, too. And it was only about $1. Score. The dress itself was causing more of a problem. I really didn’t want to buy more fabric if I didn’t need to do so. I tried to convince her to let me make the dress brown, since I have brown fabric (knit and satin), but she wasn’t going for that. I decided to go through my old things and things needing mending to see if I could find anything that would work. Lo and behold, I found a set of pajamas of the perfect colour, and a skirt that has matching stitching to use for the border. Parfait!



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