Religious Education over Lunch

Lunch seems to be a good time to do religious education in my house. We start with the Angelus,since we tend to eat around noon, and then I read from Saint of the Day from the Saints 4 Kids app. My aunt just sent me some religious education books that she used when teaching my cousins. So today I decided to go over those (the books are Our Heavenly Father and Kindergarten Catechism) during lunch.

I decided that just doing one question a day in the catechism would be good. So the first question is “who made you?”, with the answer, of course, being “God made me.” This led to the following conversation:

Kieran: “But God doesn’t make monsters”
Me: “No, God doesn’t make monsters. There aren’t any monsters.”
Kieran: “Then why are there monsters in Beowulf?”
Me: “it’s just a story. There aren’t really any monsters. But in the story God helped Beowulf defeat the monsters.”
Kieran: “Why?”
Me: “Because God loved Beowulf and the other people and didn’t want them plagued by monsters.”
Kieran: “Did God give Beowulf a sword?”
Me: “He gave Beowulf the strength and courage he needed to use his sword.”

And thus it was that our first day of using the Baltimore catechism resulted in a conversation about Beowulf and Grendel.


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