Crafty Thursday

Well, I finished Charlotte’s Merida costume. Ok, so it isn’t exactly like either of the dresses Merida wears in Brave, but I took some artistic license. Ok, so really I just used what I had on hand, but surely Merida had other dresses we just didn’t see, and who’s to say one didn’t look like this? It’s a bit big yet, but that was done purposefully so that she can wear it for a long time. One of the Hawaiian dresses I made her earlier in the year is nearly too small already, and I don’t want that happening to this.


I don’t have photos of the other sewing projects. I replaced the waistband on some old (like, 12-year-old) yoga pants I have using an old t-shirt that was wearing out. I ended up having enough fabric left in the shirt to make some pajama shorts for Leo. I also used the rest of my brown knit fabric to make capri pajama bottoms for me and Kieran’s hobbit trousers.

Then on an outing I found some good deals on fabric and decided to get some for more ruffle dresses. I’m making dresses out of the dark blue and solid red, with the others being the ruffles.



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