7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Leo has decided that naps outside the house just aren’t happening. Thankfully he’ll sleep in the car if tired, but otherwise he’s really not into napping away from home, with the one possible exception of Mass (and then only if he’s completely exhausted, because otherwise he wants to get to the piano or altar or choir). This makes for some interesting outings, as he’s knackered but wants to play. Even at home he won’t sleep if he thinks his siblings will play with him.

— 2 —

I love the conversations my children have, with me, each other, or other adults. One car ride Kieran was telling me all about his plan to get a pet crocodile by digging a pit in the front yard and waiting for it to rain. Evidently a crocodile will crawl into the pit then, and then Kieran can just put a cage over it. Charlotte decided that the crocodile should be named “Hello Kitty”. Leo was asleep for this conversation, but I’m sure he would’ve joined in, if only to say “giggle, giggle, giggle”. (Yes, he actually says the word “giggle” instead of actually giggling sometimes)

— 3 —

I can say with certainty that I’ve no desire to tempt fate and eat nightshades after Tuesday. Leo found one, maybe two, veggie straws that Charlotte had dropped. Usually I’m extremely vigilant about making sure no food is dropped, but that day was a bit mad what with gymnastics, watching two other kids while their baby sister was born, and then Kieran’s violin lesson. Anyway, Leo found the veggie straw(s) at dinner. About 30 minutes later, he started screaming inconsolably, then was violently sick. I got him sponged off and calmed down, and he fell asleep, thankfully. He nursed, screamed some more but didn’t get sick again. It took about a day before he was completely back to normal, though. It reminds me of how I react to even the smallest amount of tomato when I’m pregnant. I feel absolutely horrible for about 24 hours from even eating one bite of tomato. So, in case I was tempted to eat a potato now and then, this incident has cured me of that idea.

On a funny note, I was explaining to Kieran and Charlotte that potatoes are nightshades, so I can’t eat them. Charlotte asked about sweet potatoes, and I said it was okay to eat and isn’t a nightshade. She then asked if it was a “morning-shade”. That girl cracks me up.

— 4 —

. Why does it seem that any difference in parenting is so often interpreted as an attack? Are we so insecure that we must think a person who doesn’t parent exactly like we do is making a judgment against us? Why can’t we just do what works for our families and let others do the same? After all, it is the parents themselves who are the experts on their own children, so what works for one mightn’t work for them.

— 5 —

Why is adoption so costly? A couple of weeks ago on Baby Center I saw a woman who couldn’t keep her twins and was putting them up for adoption. There were pages of responses from people who’d happily adopt them, so it isn’t that there’s a dearth of people willing to adopt. Two of my friends are in the process of adopting children, and I just can’t believe the cost. It just seems that, with so many children needing homes and so many parents willing to adopt, it could be a bit less expensive. But maybe I just don’t understand the full breakdown of costs.

— 6 —

I need recipe ideas for my veg bag from this week. We got a lot of kale. I’m making kale chips tonight, but I certainly won’t need to use all of it. We also got Brussels sprouts. The only time those have sounded good to me was at the end of my pregnancy with Kieran, but I’m open to suggestions for how to fix them. I need to get some fresh mozzarella so I can make caprese salad with all the tomatoes we got (not for me, of course). But I have fresh spinach and lettuce for me. Yum!

— 7 —

Kieran’s definitely my child. He’s been begging to rearrange the furniture. My husband knows how much I love rearranging things, but there’s not much room for rearranging at the moment. I’m tempted to try it, though. I’ll have to consult Kieran.

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. #5
    People only want cute healthy babies without it being open for visitation.

    It costs nothing to adopt a child from the Department & Children Families in my state. There are no babies. Why? Children are adopted by kin first. Only children who need to be adopted by non relatives, means their family is so fractured that no great aunt/cousin met criteria in a home study.

    • A fair point, though I’d say some don’t go through DCF just because they dislike going through the state. But yes, it is true that some simply don’t want to consider older children. When my foster brothers were p for adoption, it was difficult finding someone who wanted both of them and not just the younger one.

      But still, it does seem that going through a private agency needn’t cost quite so much. I do know there’s a lot that goes into it, though, so maybe it really does cost that much.

      One friend who is adopting is going through Reece’s Rainbow to adopt a special needs child from overseas, too, so not all who go through private agencies are looking for snugly infants.

      • We heard it pronounced both ways when choosing it. My husband liked the Irish accent on the a, but I guess we’re backward because we pronounce it the English way. He’s in first grade now and doesn’t use the accent. His godmother went to Ireland earlier this year and everyone pronounced it in Irish fashion so she came back and told us. 😉 It was the only place where she could buy personalized items for the kids. Our neighbor’s grandson is a Keiran (I think that’s how he spells it). It’s his middle name and he loved using it but went back to his first name because no one could pronounce it.

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