Book Nook: I, Crocodile

One of the books we snagged at the library sale was I, Crocodile, by Fred Marcellino. I fully admit that I picked it up because the title was obviously reminiscent of I, Claudius. While I’ve not read the latter book, I figured that a children’s book alluding to a work on a Roman emperor deserved consideration. So I opened it up and was not disappointed. The book is told from the point of view of the crocodile during Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt. By doing this, the author crafts a fun tale while also introducing the children to history. Needless to say, I found such a prospect too good to pass up, so we got the book. Thankfully, the kids also love the book. We haven’t delved much into the history behind it yet, beyond some little discussions while reading the book, but that background will be there when we do discuss Egypt and Napoleon. I’d definitely recommend the book.


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