Secret Handshake

Putting an amber necklace on your child is like a secret handshake. Today someone noticed Leo’s and was talking to me about her daughter’s necklace, too. Just having that on him led to us both openly talking about the necklaces, and our views (in the time we had). This has happened more than once – just having the necklace ends up being like a secret handshake for identifying other “crunchy” (to at least some degree) parents.

What’s more, it then opens up discussion with others about the necklace, and perhaps other things. While I don’t think everyone must be “crunchy”, I do like that such things as amber necklaces are at least becoming more well-known so the option is there. Besides, the more people see crunchy practices, the less strange they appear. πŸ˜‰ So rock that secret handshake, babies.


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