Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of La Leche. Thinking of this, I’m really amazed that anyone manages to breastfeed at all, let alone for a year or longer (as per AAP recommendations), given all the misinformation and stigma. From medical professionals alone I’ve been told to just express and give a bottle when Leo’s tongue tie was causing supply issues (even when my supply was at its best I’ve not been able to express great amounts at a time), to nightwean because of tooth decay, that I couldn’t nurse whilst pregnant, to give rice cereal at 4 months so he’d gain more, and to arbitrarily stop at a certain age. I just spoke with another mum whose paediatrician told her to pump and top him up because he was hungry, but was she told about growth spurts and supply/demand? And what about all the demonizing of bed-sharing despite it facilitating breastfeeding and being safe when done correctly?

Then there’s all the advice from family, friends, and strangers, and the negative comments if you dare to feed your child in public (despite mothers having legal protection to do so).

Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us!

— 2 —

I have to admit that I’ve never understood the desire to dye one’s hair. Is it really that strange that I’ve always been happy with my hair colour? Even now, with a few white hairs, I have no desire to dye it. I don’t understand freaking out about the white hairs. I figure I’ve earned them. I am intrigued by the different texture of them, though.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with dying one’s hair (there isn’t), just that is isn’t for me.

— 3 —

Being nightshade-free, I thought gnocchi was off the menu. I was wrong. I found this great recipe for sweet potato gnocchi. It was delicious! I tossed it with some Earth Balance and chopped artichoke hearts, and served with balsamic chicken. I will definitely make it again.

— 4 —

Sea monkeys never lived this long when I was a kid. I got sea monkeys for the older two back in June or July, I think. There are still sea monkeys living! It’s at least the second generation, if not the third. I never knew they lived so long. The kids have pretty much lost interest, so they’re my responsibility. That’s mostly because I have to keep them up out of the reach of the cats, which means they just aren’t as accessible for the kids.

— 5 —

I love it when I find other knitters. At Kieran’s group violin lesson this week another mother was knitting. I had to ask her about it, so we had a nice conversation about patterns and Ravelry and the like. I need to get back into my knitting projects. Kieran wants a vest, and I’m working on a dress for Charlotte and a blanket for Leo. Maybe someday I’ll finish the toys for his farmyard blanket.

— 6 —

Dear Brie,

I’ve missed you. I really hoped we could be friends again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now I even wonder how true our friendship was before. I knew I often (always?) felt ill after eating you, but you’re so delicious that I kept coming back. How could I not love your creaminess and how tasty a cranberry and Brie panini is?

After months of being apart, I joyously met you again, delighting in being reunited, only to have that familiar sore throat, feel-like-I’m-catching-something feeling. I guess our reunion wasn’t as joyous as I wanted it to be.

P.S. Leo didn’t appreciate the reunion, either. At least Parmesan is being nice.

— 7 —

Proud Catholic mum moments of the day:

Kieran singing all of “Tantum ergo Sacramentum” at benediction before Mass
Both the bigger kids asking to do their own prayers (for me!) before Mass, and their acts of spiritual communion
Charlotte praying the Anima Christi
Kieran saying the Divine Mercy chaplet makes his heart feel good
Charlotte reminding me of the Saint of the day
Leo walking up with me when I went up for the Eucharist
Charlotte kneeling as close to the priest as possible for his blessing at Communion
Kieran joining in all (or nearly all) the prayers and responses

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