Book Nook: The Gift of the Crocodile

Apparently I like children’s books with crocodiles in them. Charlotte saw The Gift of the Crocodile by Judy Sierra at the library and wanted to borrow it, so home we went with it. It is an Indonesian Cinderella tale, so you have the standard set-up of a man whose wife dies after giving birth to a daughter, followed by his remarriage to a cruel woman with a daughter of her own. Instead of Cinderella being a passive character in that, though, it is actually she who convinces her father to marry again, a fact which she comes to regret.

When she encounters trouble, the grandmother crocodile comes to her aid, but only after she has shown great kindness to one of the baby crocodiles. The step-sister becomes jealous of the gift of the crocodile and tries to get her own, but her own selfishness ensures her gift isn’t as beautiful.

As far as Cinderella tales go, I like this one better than most, including the traditional one. The crocodile helps.


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