7QT: 1 day late

Yes, I’m a day late on this. In my defense, yesterday was crazy busy.

— 1 —

With all the running yesterday, there was still time for lots of fun and funny conversations. In the car, Kieran explained the game Charlotte and he were playing:

Princess Ariel’s mother is a velociraptor who is jealous of Princess Rarity’s beauty and kidnaps her. Her mother is mean to everyone except her daughter, Princess Ariel.

So off-hand it looks like the story was a mash-up of Mickey’s Castle of Illusion, dinosaurs, My Little Pony, and The Little Mermaid (though they’ve never seen that one, and I don’t intend to show it to them anytime soon. In fact, I wish I could avoid them having any knowledge of all Disney princesses except Merida and Princess Leia.). Too bad they didn’t manage to work in Odysseus and Scylla, as they played the other day.

— 2 —

We’ve been doing our religious education over lunch. I read the Saint of the day from the Saints4Kids app; while there are occasional spelling and grammatical mistakes on their blurbs, I do like this app. It has coloring pages for each day, too.

In addition to that, we also go over one or more questions from the Kindergarten Catechism, from Seton. My aunt used this when she was homeschooling, and she’s let me borrow it. I quite like it and think it is preparing Kieran well for his first Confession and Communion.

— 3 —

If you haven’t gotten Simcha Fisher’s book The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning yet, get it now. It truly made me laugh and cry. She teaches with humour and candor and great sensitivity while addressing the realities of NFP “in the trenches.” I think I might just have to recommend it to my NFP clients.

— 4 —

Kieran and Charlotte both love the Wipe-Off Trend Skill Builder workbooks. I happened to see one at Target when I was shopping and picked it up, and the both loved it. I’ve since gotten more. I don’t push reading or math (the available research backs me up here) but of course I won’t deny them the opportunity when they want it.

Kieran’s favourite thing right now is coming up with rhymes, so we also have a notebook for that purpose. Even though I don’t have to submit a portfolio, I’m tempted to put the Common Core standard on that should anyone ask.

Yes, I just mentioned the Common Core. I seem to be an anomaly in that I don’t think they’re the worst thing ever. As far as standards go in this country, I think they are pretty good, as far as I’ve seen (though I’ve only really looked at the 3rd grade standards since I taught 3rd). My problem with these or any of the standards is that I’m not fond of them being so rigorous early on, when research shows it is better to wait longer for formal instruction in maths and reading. But I know that doesn’t work so well in a traditional school setting.

— 5 —

Anyone watch The Mentalist? I’m excited to finally see who Red John is. My current theory is Sheriff McAlister. Of course, that might change when I see the next episode. What’s your theory?

— 6 —

When I was in Liverpool, I started using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair instead of shampoo and conditioner. After the initial adjustment period, I loved it and my hair did much better. Then I moved to Florida, and the salty air dried out my hair more, so I thought my “no ‘poo” regimen wouldn’t work. Thankfully, I started experimenting and found the right blend for my hair here. With the saltier air, I only need the baking soda fortnightly, and just ACV the rest of the time. My hair once again feels better than it’s shampoo and conditioner.

I use this on the kids, too. Kieran hates the smell of ACV, so I just use baking soda on him. I use ACV on the other two.

— 7 —

Charlotte has taken to counting in French most of the time. It’s really cute. She has a Minnie Mouse with numbers on her, and she always refers to them in French now. She surprised Kieran’s violin teacher by requesting to count in French for the finger games, too. So yes, I’m bragging.

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3 thoughts on “7QT: 1 day late

  1. Lol, I was a day late getting QT’s posted too! Life! 😉

    I try not to spend money on ebooks–that’s just a dangerous habit for me–but I am going to have to buy Fisher’s book! I can’t wait to read it.

    I love The Mentalist, but only watch it on Netflix, so I’m quite a bit behind . . . .

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