Adventures in EC

I have long been intrigued by elimination communication, or ec (often mistakenly referred to as infant potty training). My first exposure to this was hearing my grandmother talk about it. She didn’t call it ec, and I have to admit that I scoffed at the idea that children could be out of diapers so early (as far as I can tell, she didn’t do this as an infant, but started when her kids were around 12 months, and they were completely out of diapers by 18 months). I wish I’d asked her more when I had the chance.

Later I did encounter many people who did ec, often starting in infancy, even from birth. I was intrigued. EC is really just about learning the child’s cues, and encouraging that connection between e cues and the action. It can take time to learn the cues, but parents can usually tell these things after just a bit of observation. So when Charlotte was born I thought maybe I’d try ec. I think she was about 5 months when I first tried it with her. I was nowhere near being consistent, but did at least put that idea out there. That, combined with the fact that she’d often try to wait until her diaper was off to go anyway, made for a pretty easy transition completely out of diapers when she was 2.

So then with Leo I thought maybe I’d try again. From the beginning, he’s made his hatred of diapers known. Not only does he hate wearing diapers, but he really hates using them and so will fuss and cry when he needs to go. In a way, this keeps me motivated to take him to the toilet, since it makes him so much happier, and I certainly appreciate not having to wash as many diapers. He gets so excited, and he even cues himself now. We certainly aren’t consistent still, but it’s a good start, I think.


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