Seven Quick Takes: My Week

Here’s a look at my typical week.

— 1 —


Usually I’m up by 6.30 to empty the dishwasher and start breakfast. We all get ready for Mass and are there around 9.00 so my husband can get to choir practice before Mass. After Mass we’re home for lunch and then watch the football game. The Jags may not be winning this year, but we watch them anyway and sometimes yell at bad plays, bad calls, etc. We also read, play games, etc, before family dinner, more playing, baths and bed. A low-key day.

This Sunday started off a bit more exciting as we were awakened at 5ish by the sound of breaking glass. Cosmo, our Maine Coon, had knocked a glass off the counter. My husband cleaned that up while I tried to keep Leo asleep, but he needed the toilet so we got up, too.

Charlotte begged for lasagne for dinner, so I made lasagne for the family, and a white pasta for Leo and me, plus garlic bread and salad, of course.

— 2 —


Start with Mass, then home for school. This is a freer day in that we don’t have to go anywhere. It’s a good day for the zoo or a play date. Also a good day for whatever errands I might have.

This past Monday I wanted to try out the new crockpot and so I made pineapple chicken. It turned out okay, but I wasn’t thrilled. I think it’s because the last crockpot pineapple chicken I made had cayenne in it, and I haven’t tried to make it since giving up nightshades. I used a different recipe that didn’t call for nightshades, but I missed that kick.

— 3 —


This is our busy day. We start with Mass, then off to gymnastics. It’s just open gym, so nothing formal, but the kids love it. There are usually a few other kids there, mostly younger. Charlotte loves the balance beam, and Kieran loves the foam pit.

After that, we’re back for lunch and, if I’m lucky, a nap for Leo. Then we’re back out for Kieran’s group violin lesson. We get home from that around 5.30, so there’s just time to put the finishing touches on dinner (usually a crockpot meal) and eat.

This week, though, we got a break because Kieran didn’t have his group lesson. This also gave me more time for making dinner, so I made pizza. My uncle used to have a pizza place, and I have his dough recipe. I do different pizzas for all of us: roasted garlic white sauce base for me, tomato base for my husband, and no sauce for the kids. I have wilted spinach, caramelised onion, sautéed mushrooms, and avocado on mine (I share with Leo); my husband has the onion, mushrooms, sausage, pepper, and fresh mozzarella; Charlotte wanted mushrooms and mozzarella; and Kieran just wanted mozzarella.

— 4 —


This day can be long, it just depends. We don’t usually go to our parish for Mass this day, because it’s the school Mass. Instead, I like to go to a neighboring parish on Wednesdays, but we haven’t been getting up in time for it. Sometimes we go to the library or to children’s adoration for a Holy Hour, though this week we did neither. The kids were having a grand time just playing with each other. Kieran has his private violin lesson that afternoon.

I broke out the crockpot again and made a roast chicken stuffed with an apple, and roasted sweet potato and carrot. I made some quick rolls, steamed broccoli, and gravy to accompany it. While I can’t eat the skin on the chicken (or maybe I can now, but I haven’t tried lately – it did bother Leo as it’s fattier), Charlotte loves crispy skin, so I popped the chicken in the oven to crisp the skin.

— 5 —


A lighter day for the morning. Mass, then home for school. We recently started having FaceTime conversations with grandparents.

The afternoon and evening get interesting, though. My husband has choir practice after dinner, which means I get the kids to myself. We have lots of fun, and I get them ready for bed (that’s normally his job). Usually I have them in bed and read their stories, then he gets home around 9.00 to take over with the Rosary. If Leo’s awake he keeps trying to get Charlotte or go upstairs, and if he’s asleep I just have to listen for him.

Since I had the carcass for the chicken I made yesterday, I spent the morning making stock so I could make mushroom risotto for dinner. We’d not used all the apples from the veg bag, so I even made an apple crumble (whether it feels fallish or not, I will eat like it does).

We also bought our pumpkins: two for carving and a pie pumpkin for Leo’s birthday pie.

— 6 —


On Fridays our parish has Adoration before Mass. Lots of homeschoolers attend this Mass, in part because a neighboring parish has their school Mass on Friday. This means there are plenty of kids to play with after Mass, so we often stay awhile. Home for lunch and some school before heading out for a weekly play date.

— 7 —


One advantage of homeschooling is being able to do work on Saturday. Often it’s Kieran’s idea. It’s also a good day for gardening and outdoor play. It’s also a good library day if we haven’t been.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: My Week

  1. deopatriaeamicis says:

    Love the idea of using an apple to stuff a chicken for fall cooking. I tend to use lemons – never thought of an apple. Dropping by via the 7QT roundup.

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