Book Nook: The Secret Message

While the kids were browsing for books, The Secret Message by Mina Javeherbin caught our eyes. A Persian merchant acquires a parrot on his travels and keeps the parrot in a gilded cage. The parrot, however, misses his home and wishes to return. As the merchant prepares to go on another shopping trip, the parrot asks a favour: to tell his brother parrots about his situation. The merchant promises, and when he tells the free parrots about his parrot, they respond in a very unexpected way. Unbeknownst to the merchant, this is a secret message, so when he tells his parrot what happened, the parrot understands how to escape. Kieran didnt quite understand the secret message at first, so I did have to talk through it with him.

I also have to say that I was somewhat reminded of the dead parrot sketch, even though this parrot isn’t dead.


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