— 1 —

In my ideal world, pediatricians and pediatric nurses would also be IBCLCs, co-sleeping would be held as a valid option, and all medical decisions would be at the discretion of the patients (or parents/carers) after having received unbiased information to make a truly informed decision (and said decisions would be honored). Yeah, I know it won’t happen.

— 2 —

Also in my idea, world, Confession would be available before every Mass and there would at least be a prie dieu, if not altar rails, in every parish. But I’ll just be thankful for the fact that I live really close to a parish that has three priests and therefore can have two Masses daily. I’m a bit spoiled in that regard.

— 3 —

I adore watching and listening to my children play with each other. Kieran and Charlotte weave intricate tales as they play, referencing anything from MLP to dinosaurs to The Odyssey. Leo joins in with gusto, tackling Charlotte or wanting to be chased, or destroying train tracks (his siblings don’t appreciate that one so much).

— 4 —

I love All Saints’ Day! Not least because I get to hear the Litany of the Saints. Unfortunately, that wasn’t sung at the vigil Mass, so I’ll post it here.


— 5 —

I must confess that I prefer the Don Music renditions of children’s songs. My children probably think those are the actual words now. Someday they will sing these songs with their friends and their friends will wonder why they’re singing silly words.

— 6 —

Before this year, I’d not heard of Trunk or Treat. This year, though, our parish decided to do this after the vigil Mass. I’d thought about being one of the cars for it, but I kept forgetting to email the person in charge. Oops. Oh well, this way I didn’t have to clean out the back of the van. The kids loved going to the different cars (though they didn’t appreciate the man dressed as a storm trooper nearly as much as I did) and they have been very good about sharing with each other. There weren’t even any complaints about only getting to eat one of the treats that night! I don’t have photos of them in costumes, unfortunately. Kieran was a dinosaur, Charlotte was Merida, and Leo wouldn’t keep on his hippo hat.

— 7 —

On the latest library trip, the kids wanted books we’d had before: all different James Mayhew books. I really love how he makes art and ballet so accessible to children! I love even more hearing my kids speak of the paintings and ballets.

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