Crafty Thursday

For years I’ve intended to make my own remembrance poppy. Then 11 November rolls around and I haven’t made it, and I tell myself it’ll happen next year and promptly forget about it. This year, though, I remembered. This photo was taken before I put the black button in the centre.


When we moved back from England, I somehow lost Kieran’s Christmas stocking. Or St Nicholas Day stockings, I should say, since that’s when we do stockings. I found a pattern on Ravelry for a cute stocking made of Fun Fur, so I thought I’d make it. Of course, I can’t make one like that for Kieran and not for the others, so they’re all getting them. Kieran wants blue, Charlotte chose a sparkly lavender, and Leo gets a multi-coloured one. I already had a variegated Homespun yarn that works well with the lavender and multi-coloured yarns; Kieran wants his paired with white.





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