Book Nook: The Adventures of Odysseus

As I mentioned in my latest 7QT, Kieran requested a book about Odysseus on our library trip. We found The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden, and illustrated by Christina Balit. Each short chapter (roughly 2-4 pages each) is another of Odysseus’ adventures on his 10-year journey back to Ithaca. The kids’ favourite of his journeys is when he encounters Scylla. In fact, Kieran has declared that he needs 5 more sisters so they can better play Scylla. I guess then Leo could be Charybdis ad Kieran could play Odysseus. I love listening to them play the Odyssey.

I know I’ve talked about other books about Odysseus. I think this one is my favourite thus far. The way it is written is engaging for them and the illustrations are wonderful. I want to pick up The Adventures of Achilles by the same author now.


3 thoughts on “Book Nook: The Adventures of Odysseus

  1. barbaraschoeneberger says:

    The key is your word “expect”. Expectations have to meet the reality of what the child needs, not somebody’s rule about what the child “should” need. The great thing you’re doing for your kids is adapting to their needs of this developmental time in their lives. That’s what moms are supposed to do.

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