Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

From Leo’s first birthday, I’ve tried relaxing a little bit on the forbidden foods (dairy, soy, eggs, beef, pork, alcohol, nightshades, fats). Well, I’ve really only relaxed with soy lecithin, small amounts of hard cheeses, small amounts of eggs, and the fats. But, I’ve noticed an increase in gallbladder attacks lately. He really hadn’t had one in ages, but they’re becoming more frequent. After the one today, I’m resolving to be better at avoiding the forbidden foods again. It’s not worth causing him pain, and it’s heartbreaking holding a screaming, pained toddler who doesn’t understand the pain.

I have another reason to go off those things again, too, as I’m donating milk for a baby with similar digestive issues. She doesn’t have gallstones to my knowledge, but definitely can’t tolerate dairy (possibly bovine protein and not the lactose).

— 2 —

I was talking to a lady after Mass today about feast days for the kids. I commented that I don’t really have one, when her daughter asked about St Susannah. I hadn’t thought to see if she had an actual feast day listed! When I was looking, I found an African martyr, a St Susita, whose feast day is my birthday! I may have another patron. :-). I couldn’t find much information on this Saint, though.

— 3 —

Speaking of patron Saints, a friend draws Saints for people every year just before Advent. A different friend draws virtues and continents for people to work on and pray for, respectively. This year, my patron is St James the Less, my virtue is obedience, and my continent is Africa. My first thought when I saw “obedience” was “but I don’t want that!” Sounds like it’s exactly what I need to work on, given my reaction.

— 4 —

I also might have to get stricter about the foods we keep in the house. While Kieran and Charlotte are great about ensuring they don’t drop things that Leo can’t eat, Leo dislikes being left out. He doesn’t understand why they can eat things which he cannot. It isn’t as much of a problem if I’ve made two dinners, as I have to do when the older kids want French onion soup (pretty much weekly), but at snack times it can be hard.

— 5 —

I love jigsaw puzzles and miss working them. My mom and I used to work them all the time. But with three kids and three cats, I don’t see me working a puzzle soon.

— 6 —

I sometimes forget that not everyone can read music. I had piano lessons as a child, but even had I not, we all learned basic note reading in my public elementary school. I’m not at all an expert, but I can get by. It certainly helps when I’m helping Kieran with his violin practice.

— 7 —

I was reading something about being introverted recently, and it said you’re an introvert if you have a continual inner dialogue. Now, I have long known I’m an introvert, and I do have that constant inner dialogue. I didn’t quite realise, though, that extroverts don’t have that inner dialogue. It makes sense when I think about it, I just hadn’t thought of it.

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