Homeschooling with Dr Seuss

I always knew I loved Dr Seuss, but I never knew just how much he’d help with homeschooling. Lately, though, when the kids ask a hard question, I’ve found explanations that help them in his books. Here are two examples.

Tornadoes. Even since reading The Wizard of Oz, Kieran has been asking questions about tornadoes. Once I assured him that a tornado isn’t going to pick up our house, he asked how tornadoes are made. So I talked about the different winds and pressure, but I did so by comparing the opposing forces to the Zax. Instead of “standing there, un budged in their tracks,” I described it as the winds trying to push past each other. Not only did the explanation help them understand it, but it relieved some of the anxiety by adding some humour. Phew.

Heaven. Kieran has been asking questions about Heaven. One such question was about bad things happening, so I responded that there are no troubles in Heaven – it’s even better than Solla Sollew!

And of course, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket provides a great lesson in rhyming words and creating new words. Dr Seuss is just a great resource for teaching at this age!


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