Oscar Fantasy

I never pay attention to Hollywood news, so I had no idea that today is Oscar Sunday. The local paper, though, ran an article detailing the extensive preparation the actors and actresses go through to achieve those red carpet looks. As I read it, two thoughts went through my head: why go to such lengths, and why do we idolize such impossible looks?

This article stated that the vast majority of the stars have had surgical alterations, from butt implants to face lifts. I don’t think that includes those who have Botox. This sounds very extreme to me. Why are so many unhappy with how they look? Why go to such lengths to achieve a look that would be impossible naturally? Why do we look to them for our ideas of beauty when it’s all an illusion?

Besides the surgical alterations, the article also detailed the regimen for the week leading up to the red carpet. The stylist being interviewed said many will do cleanses and lots of smoothies for that week before, as well as seaweed wraps and exfoliating treatments. Then there’s the spray tan and two hours of makeup and a wig or hair extensions that cost thousands of dollars. Where on earth did we derive this sense of beauty when no one can achieve it without painful surgery, extreme diets, hours of make-up, and various other tricks? Why do we use that as the measure by which all women are judged? Why do we think that impossible ideal is better than how women really look?

I wish I had the answers to these things. I worry for my children, for their perception of beauty. For now, I do what I can to avoid such things, though we can’t avoid the magazines when shopping. Then, I have occasionally pointed out that the images aren’t real, that those women don’t actually look like that, and that true beauty does not lie in one’s appearance. I can only hope my words will outweigh those of society.


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