Gender Stereotypes in Children

Why are the stereotypes so prevalent and strong? Girls, it seems, can either like pink, princesses, and dresses, or be tom-boys, but not both. Boys have only one option: to like sports, trucks, guns. They certainly shouldn’t like pink (never mind that pink was a boy colour not too long ago) or dolls.

I was thinking about all this yesterday when Charlotte started football (soccer). She loves dresses and never wants to wear trousers. She loves pink, princesses, fairies. She was also absolutely thrilled to don her Liverpool kit and play footie. She also enjoys watching American football.

Then there’s Kieran. He loves books, violin, and MLP, but also trains, wrestling, machines, video games, and wants to play footie now.

I’d venture to say that no one completely fits in one category or the other, yet it seems society would have it that way. I do wish people weren’t immediately relegated to one category or another. In he meantime, I’ll just tell my kids that they’d fine just being them.


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