Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Last Monday I gushed about how wonderful the day had gone. Then Tuesday came. Kieran woke early and said he wanted breakfast, but then only ate half a bowl of cereal before going back to bed. Kieran loves breakfast, so that was a red flag for me. I wasn’t surprised when he started vomiting a little later. We know his pattern, so we phoned the doctor early and got him some Zofran. At first it seemed to work, but then the vomiting resumed and Wednesday found him in the hospital. No one else got sick, so we’re not sure it was actually a bug. The doctor is referring him to a pediatric gastroenterologist. He’s better now, but this has happened twice before since August, and I assume it’ll happen again. I pray we can find a cause soon.

Then yesterday I wasn’t as strict with diet and Leo had a gallbladder attack last night. He’s fine now, thank God. He doesn’t understand why I cut him off with certain foods, so it’s hard. I guess this tells me I cannot cheat on diet, no matter how much I may want that egg or avocado.


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