Thankful for Breastfeeding

* If you didn’t breastfeed for any reason, this is not a judgement on you. I think we all do the best we can, and what is best for our families.

Now, on to the post. I have often been very thankful for breastfeeding. Obviously with Leo’s gallstones and food issues, breastfeeding has been very good for him. I’ve recently become aware of how much it helped Kieran, though.

I breastfed Kieran full-term. As he neared weaning, he would only have 10-30 seconds of nursing, and not daily. Just before he completely stopped, he had his first incident of uncontrolled vomiting requiring an IV. He went awhile without another episode, and weaned completely shortly after that.

Now he has had three such episodes since August, worse than that first one, and is being referred for more testing (initial testing showed elevated arginine levels, but not high enough to be diagnostic). I cannot help but think how this started at the end of our breastfeeding relationship. I’m glad I breastfed him so long to provide that protection. Now I just anxiously await answers.


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