One Big Science Lesson

It seems like it’s one big science lesson at our house right now. We have a gnat problem, so my dad took Kieran to get praying mantis egg sacs. We’re just waiting for them to hatch, and reading all about them in the meantime.

A Muscovy duck has built a nest next to our patio, so we check on her daily. The ducks know Leo’s voice and come to beg for food when he is outside.

We keep watching our milkweed, parsley, and passionflower for Monarch, Eastern Black Swallowtail, and Zebra Longwing caterpillars, respectively. We have caterpillar containers ready to go for when we do see them.

I was training the Bleeding Heart vine and accidentally bumped this old gourd we have hanging up. We’d intended to use it as a planter, but never did, and I kept forgetting to throw it out. I’m glad I didn’t throw it out, as a Carolina Wren flew out when I bumped it. She’s built a nest and has at least six eggs in it. We’re waiting for them to hatch so we can watch their progress.

Then there are the herb planters we have, and flower seeds. Lots to learn here.


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