We Deserve Better

Imagine you go to your doctor complaining of chronic knee pain. The doctor does a basic exam, sees nothing obviously wrong, prescribes a pain medicine for you to take daily and that’s it. Or perhaps the doctor does some more, basic tests, which give no explanation, and again a pain pill is prescribed and no further action taken. Or maybe the doctor does see the reason for the pain,and even knows a promising treatment that addresses the root cause, but instead just prescribes the pain pills and opts to take no further action. Would you accept such an answer? I hope not! I know I wouldn’t have accepted that.

So why do we accept such a “treatment” for gynecological problems? A woman goes to her doctor complaining of cycle issues (pain, heavy bleeding, irregularity, etc). Her doctor performs a pelvic exam, sees nothing wrong, and prescribes the pill. Or her doctor orders some bloodwork and an ultrasound, still sees nothing wrong, and prescribes the pill. Or the doctor does see something (PCOS, endo, etc), and just prescribes the pill. The pill doesn’t fix these issues, just masks them, just like taking a pain pill might mask my knee problem.

Are women told about alternatives? Usually not, in my experience. Are we told about the risks? Again, usually not. And yet we not only accept this as the status quo, we defend it! We deserve better!

We deserve to be told all the options. We deserve better research into gynaecological problems so that better treatments are more widely available. We deserve to be heard, and not told our problems are psychological.

Time after time, I have women coming to me to learn how to use the. Billings Ovulation Method after going off the pill. They had no idea that the pill adversely affects the cervix, potentially making it harder to conceive later. Or they hadn’t been told about alternatives. I understand, because I wasn’t told, either. I’m obviously still angry, not just for myself, but for all of us. We must demand better options, better care. We deserve it.


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