Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

We’ve been going through a lot of things that were in storage lately. In doing so, I came across a letter from my grandmother, Baba, that she wrote to me when I was studying abroad during undergrad. See, she loved pineapple and cooked with it a lot, so I joked that she must have a pineapple plantation somewhere to get all her pineapple. In the letter, she enclosed a picture of a man wearing a grass skirt (I want to say it was someone she’d known during Dag’s army days) and told me he was her pineapple plantation manager. It cracked me up then and still does. I love that we had our little inside joke like that. I miss her. If you’re reading this, please say a prayer for the repose of her soul, and for all my grandparents.

— 2 —

Leo has decided he wants to play violin, as well. In fact, he’s really not sure about letting Kieran have a turn practicing. It’s funny seeing him try to reach the fingerboard on Kieran’s 1/4 violin. I tried to get him to switch to Charlotte’s 1/10, which is also too big, but he doesn’t like that one because it’s more difficult to get a good tone.

— 3 —

Charlotte doesn’t actually take violin lessons, as she isn’t always keen on practicing. Besides, she’s busy enough with soccer right now. I’m not sure how she’d handle soccer 3x/week and violin 2x/week at the age of 4. Her first soccer game is tomorrow, actually.

— 4 —

Everyone needs to read this post about what to do about crying children during Mass. And this one. The second one has comments from Bishop Kieran Conry, who told priests not to tell parents to remove crying children. The first is a blog post from a priest who agrees with the Bishop and gives pointers for what to do instead. Both are excellent, both need to be in every parish. While I’m too stubborn and love our Eucharistic Lord too much to leave a parish over such a thing, it does hurt when comments are given, especially if they are from the priest (either during or after Mass).

— 5 —

Kieran’s MRI came back normal, as we expected. So, one more thing ruled out, I suppose.

— 6 —

No, the Pope isn’t going to declare that Mary is equal to God or above Jesus or anything of the sort. To do so would make him a heretic, and would also be impossible since we believe God will not allow the Pope to teach error in matters of faith or morals.

From what I’ve seen, all Pope Francis did was reiterate Catholic teaching. He rightly said that we have Jesus and the Church because Mary said yes to God. We therefore honour her as the Theotokos. We honour her because of the 4th Commandment, too, since Jesus gave her to us as our Mother as well when He was on the cross. But we never worship her.

— 7 —

I love jigsaw puzzles. I haven’t worked one in years, though, because I’ve no idea how to keep kids and cats from messing them up.

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